Declare This Month

God's promises are true for me and for my ministry.

God will abundantly supply all my needs in every way this year.

I have dynamic relationships with spiritual fathers/mothers and sons/daughters.

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Pressing In

My capacity to produce fruit is greater than I am moving in. God, You need me to trust You, You need me to hear You. Holy Spirit is bringing revelation and wisdom into my life to see what is mine and how to use it. What I am called to do and where I go does not matter. Who I am and the way I live is what counts. My worship must engage my spirit in pursuit of Truth.

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In Him

In You there is light and there is no darkness.   In You there is life there is no death. In You there is good there is no evil.   Therefore, in me there is life there is no death. In me there is light there is no darkness and in me there is good there is no evil! I am in You and You are in me.

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