Jesus and the Kingdom

Jesus came to redeem a people that He called priestly and royalty. These kings, queens, priests were to further a kingdom that resembled Heaven. To do this He went for a walk on the shore of Galilee and began calling ordinary people to follow Him.

He began to preach about a "Kingdom" that was "at hand". Many thought he was talking about an earthly government that would save them from the government of the day. As Jesus preached, He also displayed what this Kingdom was to look like. People were healed of many diseases, lame people walked, blind people could see again, dead people were raised to life. It didn't matter who they were, where they came from, if they were male or female, Jesus loved them all and imparted a better life to them. Then with the help of only 12 men, one of which turned away, the world was "turned upside down". These men had the heart of Jesus manifest on the inside of them as they spent time, a very short time, with Him.

What if we spent quality time with Jesus in a way that wasn't just for more knowledge, but for more of His heart? I believe we could go around, as He did, doing good, healing the sick, raising the dead and turning the world upside down. What are we waiting for?

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Throne Room Experiences

January first is when everyone begins to think about what they want to accomplish and/or finish in the new year. Goals are set, some are completed, some are not.

During the next 21-40 days many at CLC have committed to fast. Each have person has the freedom to choose what they will fast and what that looks like for them.

In the experience of the fast it is our prayer that each person find God in a deeper, more passionate way. Love looks like something. What does God's love look like to you? As we persue God we must remember to see Him as He really is. To have a "Throne Room Experience" that searches for the face of God. Closer than we have ever been, deeper in His love than we have ever gone.

Joy is the expression many times that will happen as people find this kind, generous, loving God. Laughter will begin to break forth because "In His presence if fullness of Joy!"

Don't allow anyone to discourage your joy. Joy, Peace, Love all bring us closer to the feet of our Savior. Search for Him, you will not be disappointed. Rest in Him, you will find Him. Know He is Good, Kind, Generous, and full of compassion for you!

Experience God today, you won't be sorry!

Declare Today:

His mercies are new every morning and they are pouring out on me!

His love is everlasting and I am a target of His love.

He is generous and I will live expectant of His blessings.

He has created me to lead others into His Goodness!

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