Aware 10/30/2012

The rain has come, the refreshing rain has come. He is raining on us and He is reigning in us. Listen, look, be aware of His presence.

Many years ago a speaker shared with us to be "keen" in the spirit. I heard what he said and obviously remembered it without knowing what "keen" really meant. Keen--having or showing eagerness and enthusiasm, sharp or penetrating.

Wow! apply that to how you see and listen in the spirit. Declare today:

With eagerness and enthusiasm I listen for Your voice, and I hear You Lord.

With sharp and penetrating sight I see what You are doing and I partner with You today Lord!

I expect to live at a "keener" level of seeing and hearing today than I did yesterday!

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Love 10/29/2012

Honor does not always mean giving someone something they need. In royal circles the extravagant gift honors, a needed gift does not.

Wow! I thought of a story by Heidi Baker. She was on the street feeding children and ran out of money and food. There were so many children that were still hungry. She sat down, cried and asked God to take care of the children. She then began to tell them about her Father's love and how much He loved them. The crying stopped, the hunger stopped, the tummies were miraculously full. They needed food, but God honored them by giving them His love, it was an extravagant gift that filled the need!

He loves you extravagantly, you may not always get what you think you need, but because you are royalty, extravagance is on its way!

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Choice 10/27/2012

In Deut. 30:19, God gives the Israelites a choice. Blessing or cursing, life or death. Then our gracious God gives them the right answer. Choose Blessing and Life!

I choose to be a blessing and to be blessed today.

I choose life over sickness, disease, virus or allergies.

I choose a healthy immune system empowered by the presence of Holy Spirit in my life.

I choose a reparatory system that functions as God created it to function.

I choose the presence of the Holy Spirit that filters out all I breathe, hear, see and experience today!

I choose a circulatory system that functions as God created it to function.

I choose God!

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Trust 10/24/12

I trust God completely for my provision, yet there have been times I also wondered what am I doing wrong. That is a lie that is continually being exposed.

If I believe that lie in finances, it keeps me from giving freely, generosity is no longer the rule. When I believe this lie at any time it effects receiving anything from the Lord. If I believe the lie that I must do something to receive what is already mine in Him I strive to be good enough, smart enough, spiritual enough or frugal enough!

It's not about what I do, but about what I believe.

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Declarations 10/18/12

I give thanks for the breaker anointing on CLC, breakthrough anointing is on her now and we are moving forward to claim ground and lives. Life on life releasing life!

It is impossible for us to pray for someone and nothing change.

We believe for radical fruit in our community, creative salvations, and dramatic conversions.

We are a people that really care about people’s hearts, not just where they go to church.

We are regularly releasing acts of kindness that lead to radical transformations.

We are relentless in our pursuit of those that God is in love with to bring them back to their Father’s love.

Our identity is emerging!

We are living hope, our families and community cannot stay the same, there’s more!

We are receiving an upgrade in creative evangelism, healing anointing and the not realistic supernatural!

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