The Great I AM

Living in the Kingdom of God, the Heaven on earth Kingdom that Jesus prayed about is all about "The Great I AM". Jesus is everything that we need. It doesn't matter where we come from or who we are, Jesus is still everything we need.

Moses needed a voice, that voice was the voice of I AM. Joseph needed a deliverer, I AM shows up again. Who do you need Jesus to be to you today?

I know of a man who speaks all over the world. One day as he was leaving a certain venue, a woman came up to him and said, "since you are a prophet, tell me if I will live or die, I have cancer." In the wisdom of God this man told to her to go home and ask Jesus who He would like to be to her in this trial.

She left and for the next 17 days asked God the same question and called this man everyday telling him she had not heard a thing.

One day she met a woman on the street. Her little girl was anxious to tell her mom something, so the woman asked her what the little girl wanted.

Seventeen days prior to the meeting the little girl had a vision and God told her to write some words on a piece of paper for a woman that He revealed to her.

For all these days, every time the little girl left the house she carried this piece of paper. Today was the day she saw the woman in her vision.

The little girl gave her crumpled up paper to the woman with cancer. On it were the words "I AM YOUR HEALER". The woman began to cry and was immediately healed of cancer.

I AM is everything you need.

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