On September 26th, the Silver Valley of Idaho will have an opportunity of a lifetime. Rather that spend hundred or even thousands of dollars to travel to a different location, guest speakers and powerful ministry teams will be available right here in your own back yard. Host church is Christian Life Center, facility is Wallace Inn in Wallace, Idaho. Guest speakers from Bethel in Redding California along with School of Supernatural ministry students will come here to bless you!

Chuck Maher, a young man full of the love of God and determined to encourage all those he comes in contact with has traveled around the world bringing the good news of the gospel. His goal is to empower Christians in Kingdom living. Chuck and his wife Anna are both graduates of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. They are happily married and live in Redding where they serve on the leadership team of Bethel Activation Ministries (B.A.M.), Bethel's community of itinerate ministries. They travel extensively equipping believers to live a supernatural lifestyle. They're heart is to see every believer walk in their identity as sons and daughters and demonstrating the Kingdom everywhere they go.


A community of (mostly) itinerant speakers entrusted to carry the Bethel movement beyond its base of Redding, California.

We are committed to living in community, under authority, and continual growth.

We exist to bring about worldwide revival and a billion soul harvest.

We add our strength to the church regardless of denomination, and return home with their strength.

We live a life of faith continually stepping outside of our comfort zone to encounter the Comforter.

Most of all, we are unabashed, unashamed, unquenchable lovers of Jesus who think living radically in love with him is the best way to live.

We are Bethel Activation Ministry.

There really is not place that you would rather be. Presence driven worship, powerful preaching, impartation, individual personal prayer and ministry, break out sessions, soaking session!!

Come and be blessed!!

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