Is. 30:18

"The Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice Blessed are all who wait for Him." Is:3018

God is Longing....waiting. After studying this scripture and some meanings of words, here's the reminder I found.

My loving Father holds back His compassion and favor until the last minute or last possible second to move me in the direction of peace and full happiness. While waiting for God to show His favor, I am contentedly being patient, waiting for Him to act. No matter what goes on, I am patiently waiting for God to act, knowing He will come through. Then at just the right moment, when no one or nothing else can explain the blessing, God is exalted in His releasing of what only He can do.

He steps in when all else fails, He is exalted. The truth about Him always prevails, He is the God of justice and we are blessed!

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Empowering Women: (what, no way, nonsense)

Part 2

In my dream, I was suddenly aware of a change that was about to happen. I had no idea what it was, but it was like suddenly having your world literally turned upside down. Life is very challenging sometimes, you go along for awhile and things are wonderful, then all of a sudden…..change!! AGHHHH

I was about to enter an arena that felt a lot like the ancient coliseums in Rome (must be why I like the movie "Gladiator"). All eyes are upon you; half (if you're lucky) are for you and half are just anticipating your failure, then all of a sudden the LIeON is released from his cage. Will you defeat the lion (lie) or will you succumb to its roaring power?

Because of living in the Silver Valley all of my life, and probably being very naïve, I never have understood a prejudice. I just thought people were people. The older I got; I realized that people didn't like people that were a different color, or different size or culture than they were. I never paid attention, until the day my "dream came true". From that day forward I understood what it meant to suffer under the strong opinions of others, the LIeONS of life!

From the time we (speaking to women here) begin to lose the childlike "Princess", pure, joyful, free feeling, the LIeON has begun to speak. Abuse by a parent begins to speak of unworthiness of love, sexual abuse yells cheap and dirty, divorce screams rejection and abandonment, and suddenly life is being lived in the "normalcy" of the lie. It's okay to suffer abuse; it's okay to hate myself, it's okay to just have a job and party all weekend, what else is there to live towards!

Although the LIeONS I was facing were much different, they had a very similar effect on my internal world. I have spent the last seven years rediscovering who I am, who I was created to be and that I am dearly loved, extremely blessed and amazingly powerful. You may not see me that way, but my Father does and that is all that counts.

How does the journey to wellness begin? How do we rediscover who we are when every living thing around me wants to tell me something different, or treat me like I am not a person that actually has feelings?

Let me give you just one small tidbit to begin. Find one person who will believe in you. Then sit somewhere quiet, ask Jesus to join you and begin to form a list of everything that is positive about you. Look in the mirror and read that list out loud every day. I know it seems simple, but the best way to defeat a lie is to make the truth a bigger yes!

My gladiator experience began the day I considered the position of Senior Leader of Christian Life Center in Kellogg. I knew the journey would be interesting, it was one I did not think I prepared for, but here I was, suddenly in the midst of the strangest dream of my life. You may be thinking, "What is her problem?" The best way I can describe it is that suddenly I was being thrust into a different culture that had more prejudice than I could have ever imagined. Of course, every statement of "concern" came from the Bible. (That's the excuse religious people use when they are scared!)

Defeating the lion (lies) that people speak "into" us is definitely the most courageous thing we can do for ourselves. I had no idea that I would have to fight this type of battle and still do. Every year I am sure to get a reminder from some dear well-meaning person with all the reasons I should not be a Pastor. I have had letters and books left in my mailbox with highlighted passages of scripture. I had one person come as a guest to my church and proceed to question me about "who I thought I was". Suddenly my amazing dream wasn't as dreamy as I previously thought.

It is interesting how our enemy likes to steal our identity. When you forget whose you are, you become very aware of who he is, and that my friend is exactly what he wants you to do. The guy who smacks you around a little because he thinks its okay hurts the inside worse than the outside. A person who tells you "you are not good enough," no matter what position you are in, damages something on the inside that steals dreams and destiny. The good news is….you get to choose who you listen to!

More to come....

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