Empowering Women

Empowering Women

Part 3

The good news is, we get to choose who we listen to!

I heard the real life story of two rock stars recently. One, seriously addicted to alcohol and drank all the time; the other was a meth user for two years. Then one day everything changed. In a sudden awareness, while reading the Bible, they discovered how deeply and perfectly they were loved. In an instant, they began to think differently about themselves, and their whole life changed. Addictions suddenly were gone, and a new life began.

In another story, I read of a prostitute who saved two men from being killed by an army. Her heroic act saved the whole nation. Why? I think it was because her perspective of herself was different. She believed that she could experience true love; she just didn't know how that belief could affect her life.

I have heard a lot of positive teaching over the years, but what I saw was that there wasn't any power behind the teaching. There were a lot of words, people trying to change their actions, but not a lot of successes. What difference do you see in these two stories other than just positive teaching? I believe it had a lot to do with knowing how love feels. I believe that they discovered a love that was real, love that was caring in a way that brought strength into their lives, not just words. Believing I am loved changes the way I think about everything. Knowing that I was created to love and be loved causes the truth to rise in me and make choices according to truth and not according to the LIeONs.

During moments in life, we all experience opportunities to feel powerful love, but many of us ignore it because we don't think we deserve it. Someone forgot to tell us that we couldn't earn real love; someone forgot to tell us we were created in love, no matter who our parents were or what the circumstance. Creations purpose is always Love.

There was a time in my life where the word "love" just meant, "I need something from you". It didn't have anything to do with how I felt or what was important to me, but everything to do with what the other person wanted from me. Did you ever feel like that? I'm sure some of you have had that feeling. So, how does real love look and feel? Stop reading for a moment and just silently ask that question, "what does real love look and feel like." Now be still and listen, be still and know you are loved right now at this moment. What does it feel like?

Love should feel like peace; nothing missing, nothing broken. Life has a way of robbing peace. We end up missing destiny because of brokenness. I made the mistake of listening to my brokenness and the voices of other people when all the time Father was speaking to me the truth. I was born to reign in life, not be controlled, manipulated and judged by others. Learning how to hear the voice of peace and truth sets us free from the LIeONs of life.

Choosing what voice we will listen to is practiced by sitting quietly every day and asking, "what does real love look and feel like." It may take a while to get our senses used to the feeling. Often we grow numb, not wanting to feel anything because numbness is safer and easier. Take your time, don't be discouraged, you have an amazing army cheering you on every day. After all, what you don't see is more real than what you do see.

Begin by just looking in the mirror every morning and saying the following words:

I am loved more than I know.

I am more valuable than I know.

I am worthy to be loved.

I am worthy to live life with peace, love, and joy surrounding me.

I can feel Love now.

Get ready! You are about to discover who you really are!

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