Empowering Women Part 4

Get ready! You are about to discover who you really are!

Many of you may have wondered about the title of these writings. I would like to explain it to you.

While reading a book "Fashioned to Reign", by Kris Vallotton I was made aware of a symbol that my computer cannot show. This seemingly insignificant symbol was used by Paul when he wrote to the Greek community. The scriptures before the symbol have been used for centuries to disempower women. When women in the church are disempowered, women in the communities are disempowered. Women's rights movements in the past freed women to read the Bible, vote, and to hold public office. They were also allowed to work, receive education, fair wages or equal pay, to own property, and join the military to help protect our country. How did women lose these rights in the first place? I do not suggest another women's rights movement. I am suggesting co-laboring as one to see God's best for our communities, regions, states, and the world.

The symbol I am drawing attention to is used all through 1 Corinthians. It is used to note that the statement before it is similar to a sarcastic remark (in my words). It would be like saying, "All North Idaho women are mean and ugly ἢ." (What, no way, nonsense) When the men of Corinth made the statement that their women should be quiet in church, Paul's reaction was, "what, no way, nonsense!" Further study shows that the Greek culture, in fact, made women gods. Christianity was all new to them, and the men of Corinth most probably could not answer their questions. Paul also encourages women to prophesy, where? I would imagine in the church, in the marketplace, in your homes, wherever God intends!

Women, your destiny is to reign in life. You were made to be powerful and free, not beaten, abused and judged. To reign in life means to be in control of you. When we live in control of ourselves, we listen to the right voice, and we choose peace over numbness to feelings, we begin to live powerful and free. When my goal is to be more powerful than a man, I have been misguided. When my goal is to partner for a better world, I am on my way to discovering freedom.

I do not preach a message for women's rights; I want to live a message that allows all women to live out their God-given destiny. I choose now to manage my internal world, manage my thoughts, and act out what is on the inside. Empowerment on the inside of me, released to those around me, gives others the courage to step up and change the culture where we live. When we live in the midst of lies, whether they are religious or inherited, we miss the journey of hope. My goal is to cause you to thirst for greater things, greater community, and peaceful lives.

Find a mirror and read the following:

I choose to live in peace.

I choose to listen to the voice of truth.

I choose to reign in life today.

My problems and my circumstances do not define who I am.

I am on a journey to fullness of life.

I will not allow my past to dictate my future.

Living free brings responsibility!

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