Empowering Women

Empowering Women: (what, no way, nonsense)

In a recent conference I attended, I realized that I was carrying something on the inside of me that belonged to the women in the beautiful area that I lived. The message I discovered was a message of hope for all women. Not just for women in the church, not just for the un-churched. Not for the poor or just for the rich, but hope for all women that may feel oppressed and discouraged in their journey toward being all they were created to be. So, here we go!

Part 1

It began with a dream. A dream that was like a fairy tale that could never happen to this miner's daughter. After all, I made more mistakes in life's choices than a lot of other people. Accomplishing what was before me looked totally impossible.

At some point in their lives, everyone experiences dreaming of who they will be someday. Whether it is when you are little, then again in those teen years or even at the time of mid-life crisis (whenever that may be for you), we were created to dream. What if there is a dream inside of each person that is not a fairy tale, but the truth? But then, life seems to rob that dream of power, and it fades away for another day.

That is what happened in my life. A dream, a possibility, an opportunity was suddenly in front of my eyes, but yet how could that ever happen. After all I didn't grow up in a "religious" family, we barely went to church. For some reason, I could see the place of peace with God from the time I was young. Now all of a sudden I could actually see myself helping other people with words that seemed to flow like magic from the inside of me. Words that brought peace, joy, love, encouragement and a release for them to be absolutely amazing! How?

Then one day it happened, another dream. The most amazing dream ever. A dream that left me numb for several hours, what was about to happen?

My question for you, my reader, have you ever had a dream that was so real you were a bit concerned when you woke up? Did you ever feel like there was a presence in the room that was so real, yet you knew it was greater than human?

What do moments like these mean? I think they are moments used to remind us who we were created to be, moments when we are encouraged to pursue life and not just let life happen to us. I believe we have opportunities to partner with God in living our life's destiny. The problem many times is that we begin to believe the lies we have been told or experienced through the years.

Once in the life of a little girl there is a moment, a season of time where she felt special, beautiful, loved and cared for, then something happens. The little girl disappears many times way too soon in the Eyes of her Father. She disappears into the darkness that hides the beauty and majesty she was created to carry. A harsh word, a touch in the wrong way, a dis-connect with parents, all begin to form thoughts of identity that were never intended to be hers. Then one day she finds herself trapped in the life she never intended to have…what happened to the dream, what happened to the princess?

It is a wonderful thing to grow up knowing that there is love; so many never experience this kind the freedom. I see children every day angry at the world they live in because those raising them are angry in their world also. I don't blame them. When what has filtered through to the inside is full of pain, hurt and discouragement instead of destiny, vision and passion, life becomes less than the dreams being hidden.

All of a sudden the world on the outside, full of its problems, stresses and hurtful experiences consume identity and the princesses of the world become lost. Suddenly, before we know it, abuse becomes normal, fighting becomes normal, and pain becomes normal. Day to day life without vision becomes normal, divorce (or just several different partners) becomes normal, even sitting in a pew at church becomes normal. What happened to the dreams, what happened to the destiny that was breathed into us when we were in our mothers' womb? Will your life ever be anything more than this, is this all it is?

I say NOT…………

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