When Marriage Goes Wrong

Relationships are a big part of life, in fact, we can't have a life without a relationship of some sort. What we do when those relationships go bad is important for the next part of our lives. Let's take a moment to talk about marriage that has gone bad.

Divorce is not the ultimate unforgivable sin; it is just pain full or pain freeing. In many homes, abuse is the reason for divorce. Spousal abuse works both ways, and it can be physical or emotional with fear as the umpire.

In a baseball game, the umpire has a key to who wins or loses. How he or she calls the game can make a difference in who wins or loses. If fear is the umpire of relationship, the relationship will be lost, and no one wins, especially the children of the relationship.

A lot of times people ask me if I agree to divorce, yes and no. If there can't be a change of umpires, divorce from abuse is a must. Abuse was not the intent and purpose of our Creator. The original purpose in creation was peace and harmony of all of creation. If peace can be the umpire, you have a win, win.

I like working on puzzles, especially ones with lots of colors. It is amazing how all of those tiny pieces can fit together and make a beautiful scene. The hardest puzzle is the one you are trying to put together without a picture. How is it supposed to look?

This same thought can be very similar to marriage without a plan, pretty soon there are pieces of lives laying around that you have no idea where they fit or how to fix it. What happens when some of the pieces are torn or damaged?

Get help! Hurting people hurt people. When both are hurting from things in their past and present, the future looks dark and hopeless. The internal worlds of both people need to be able to be healed before the relationship can be healed.

Jesus has the answer to every problem. Don't allow a fearful umpire choose your destiny. There is hope! There is a future, no matter how bad it looks. Change umpires, get a different view of what marriage and family should look like, and finish the beautiful picture that God made of your life.

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