Three Powerful Keys

Sing, Believe, Abide

Many songwriters over centuries have written songs from the very heart of God. Not only songs about how God loves us, or how much we love him, but powerful songs that are "dangerous" to sing. Many of these songs were written to stir passion in others to know the very heart of God.

A few weeks ago I took some young people to a church camp. I was teaching the morning session for the older girls cabins. I believe in empowering women, young and old, in their identity in God. As I prepared the night before, I thought of a song that I wanted my granddaughter to dance with her flags. I knew I would be challenging her, but I decided to ask.

Hailey, my granddaughter, experiences some anxiety when she is away from the familiar. The day before I needed her, she was starting to become a little anxious about being away from her mom during the night. She was determined to overcome, but fear was trying to make its way into her heart.

1. SING (worship with declaration)

During the time we were waiting for lunch, I put my arm around Hailey and we went for a little walk. As we walked I sang into her ear, "I'm No Longer A Slave to Fear, I Am A Child of God!"

This new song from Bethel Music had touched her, and she would sing this with all her heart. On that day, the song needed to become her declaration over her life. I wanted to help her understand that, "we can't just sing the words, we need to believe them and act upon them."

The next morning the challenge again came to overcome fear as I asked Hailey to dance and fly her flags in worship during this same song, "No Longer a Slave". At first she told me no, then I reminded her how I have seen her focus on God when she dances. It is a truly beautiful experience for everyone when she seems to open a door to Heaven in her praise. She said yes!

Her "yes" led to a blessing for the girls that watched as she sang and with her whole body praised God in the midst of fear. The counselor asked her to dance before the whole camp that night for their "June Bug Theatre". Hailey ended the evening with the echo of "no longer a slave to fear" moving over the lake and through the mountains. Her beautiful flags were flying as she worshipped in dance.

Afterwards she ran up to me, full of joy, telling me how fun it was. She had touched the hearts of many with the power of God, but her own heart was released in...

2. Believe (faith that stands)

Believing to receive what we are singing and what we are declaring.

The song on my heart this morning is "Oceans" by United. The line, "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders!"

We can't just sing this without believing it in the midst of the toughest situations in our lives.

As I write today, my heart aches with the loss of my granddaughter. As I hear "Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior!" I realize it is time to sing, believe and trust through abiding again.

Do I trust beyond borders?

Many times we trust where we are comfortable, not uncomfortable. Trusting beyond borders, to me today is trusting beyond what I do not understand and seeking the heart of God for whatever it is I need to know right now. The next step is to take what He shows me about Himself and then go deeper "in" Him to find out what I do with what I have learned.

Life brings many things that we have no control over and sometimes we don't get the answers to prayer that we expect. Then what!

3. Abide (trust)

In Jesus, He is in you, you are in Him, surrounded by Him, seen by Him, loved by Him.

The lie you may want to believe is that somehow, what you are going through is His fault. "Fault" is what we look for when we believe there is an unjust act. What has happened may truly be unjust, but trusting and abiding will lead to a deeper peace that leads to something greater......His Love.

Trust: confidence, to be bold, to be secure, to feel safe, secure and to be careless. His love!

Falling into the arms of Jesus, opening your heart to the presence of the Holy Spirit, resting in His love for you.

Hearts will hurt, emotions will seem uncontrollable, life will sometimes seem to be cruel and we won't understand, but this is when we need "keys" the most. Unlock the doors to His presence, let peace overwhelm you. Sing, believe, abide.

As Christians, many times we will expect people to just "gut it up" and walk through difficult things without understanding. I believe God wants us to "press in" not "gut it up". The Israelites knew God's works, but Moses knew God's ways and Joshua "remained" at the door of the tent of God's presence. When Joshua prepared to go into the promised land, God said, "I will not fail you or forsake you" (Joshua 1:5 amp.). He also told Joshua several times to be strong and courageous. The strength inside of Joshua placed there by abiding, would carry him through every situation he would face.

The strength to move forward doesn't come through your will. Strength comes through singing His will for your life, believing the declaration you are making and abiding in His presence, trusting the One, who holds you. Healing will come, peace will come, joy will return. He is faithful!

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